“I am what time, circumstance, history, have made of me, certainly, but I am also much more than that. So are we all”
- James Baldwin

About The Founder

EveOlutions is the work and passion of Eva Kalz. It is centred on addressing the Well Being, Mental Health and Personal Development needs of clients. Eva strongly believes that a person’s circumstances do not define them and that it’s possible to create the type of life you desire through self-awareness and development tools. She hosts and provides Life Mapping Board workshops to coach and mentor clients in becoming healthier, happier and more confident, in turn, improving their physical and emotional states.

Eva’s grassroots and community work began in 2010 by co-hosting and co-facilitating community and outcome led discussions and debates with Business Adviser & Career Development Coach, Natalie Freeman of 13Rhythms. Eva worked alongside the Social Solutions Institute, a preventative outreach programme founded by Twilight Bey, embedding and supporting the delivery of I-CAN training, working with at risk young men and women. She was also a co-host on The Reasoning radio show.

Eva’s passion for community development & employment in the public sector spans over 15 years and includes appointments at Lambeth Council, Croydon Council, Nottinghamshire Council, The Prince’s Trust and several other community led organisations. Eva is PTLLS qualified to teach adults; certified in Advanced Counselling Skills & Expressive Arts Therapy; a Mental Health First Aider & Advocate; a graduate of Croydon Council’s Women’s Leadership Programme; accredited in Assertiveness, Solution Focused and Mentoring Training. Eva is passionate about working with all types of people and communities to find ways to strengthen their voices, to set achievable goals and to be empowered in their life choices.

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