“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.”
- Maya Angelou

Welcome To EveOlutions


  • To encourage people to develop greater confidence in their own emerging sense of self.

  • To teach people to learn to trust their own sense of what is valuable to them; not what others define as valuable.

Aims & Objectives

  • To encourage people to make choices that lead to “creating lives they want” through mapping tools.

  • To challenge core beliefs that act as barriers, in order to achieve longer lasting happiness.


  • Life Mapping Sessions
  • Direct Work Tools
  • Mindfulness Tools
  • Selfcare Tools

Our Services

Life Mapping

Life mapping makes use of a Life board.
A life board is a creative mapping tool used to uncover what motivates a person or group.
It is centred on the importance of discovering the values that underpin and drive behaviour to achieve SMART goals.

Individual and
Group Sessions

  • Delivered online or on-site at specific locations, sessional work allows for explorative conversations in a safe and private environment. 

  • Individual sessions typically last 1.5 hours.

  • Group sessions typically last 2 hours for a minimum of 3 people up to a maximum of 8 people.

Self-Awareness and
Self-Development Training

  • Vision Boards to create visual representations of goals/desires.

  • Expressive art sessions to create & reinforce positive views of self.

  • Journaling to help prioritise problems, fears and concerns.

  • Direct work tools around self-limiting beliefs.


“I enjoyed Eva’s sessions. I found her to be an engaging trainer, she delivered an interactive workshop, with relevant content. I particularly enjoyed the creative task and the learning we gained from it.”

– Croydon Council, Learning at Work Week

“I found Eva’s session to be informative and useful. It gave me food for thoughts for planning and how to carry out my goals. I liked the fact that it was a nice small group.  Eva was great at facilitating and kept the group engaged.”

– Croydon Council Employee

“I enjoyed meeting other people and seeing their pathways, and the way in which the sessions opened up my thought processes. It gave me beginnings of a framework for making changes and also thinking about what I wanted to change and why.”

– Croydon Council, Learning at Work Week

“It was very well organised, interactive, and sharing experiences with participants was insightful. Sharing of the contents from each participant was thought provoking and laughter is always memorable.”

– Croydon Council, Learning at Work Week

“I thoroughly enjoyed the session. The thought provoking questions and the support within the small group. The format was just right for me as a beginner. The only thing that would have been nice would have been more time. I will gladly rebook this training when offered again.”

– Croydon Council, Learning at Work Week

“I enjoyed the session simply because I have never done a Life Board session. I enjoyed it because it made me think properly about what my goals are, and how to start making small steps towards achieving the goals I wanted to achieve. I enjoyed that Eva was able to run a small session in my house, where I felt comfortable and there weren’t many people. I would like to follow up with her in the future to review the goals we set in the session and the Vision Board.”

– Private Client

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